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real estate investments

The company is on the lookout for land, buildings and properties with the potential to be upgraded following renovation or redevelopment projects.

The company also provides professional advice to owners of land or property who wish to enhance their assets by increasing their net income or changing their objectives.

The company brings its recommendations to the market with a strong, vertically integrated business model that is able to manage every stage of the real estate investment process. From acquisition to financing to finding purchase instruments, we always offer high standards of legality, relying on nationally renowned professionals and law firms.

We have a large team of qualified and experienced professionals who defend their field of expertise and align their personal goals with the company’s core values and principles.

The investment process includes a detailed analysis of financial and technical feasibility as well as a thorough assessment of risks and returns.

This strategy takes into account the different market cycles and allows for repositioning when returns are to be maximised.

From idea and concept development to implementation, we believe in tradition and incorporate it into our innovative projects.

All our projects are designed to combine functional solutions, values and the client’s personality.


All investments made by clients are guaranteed by a contract regulated by a Swiss law firm and the company is jointly and severally liable under Swiss LEF law.

All other guarantees can be discussed jointly and reviewed on an ad hoc basis depending on the needs of both parties.